Saturday, August 06, 2005

This Site is Bad for You

I've been told recently that the stranglehold the Chinese government had tried to put on the slippery throat of the internet came about from SARS. As the government was caught completely unawares and was slow to react, people started digging up good information on the internet. While that is not treasonous, it did give the government something to think about and catalyzed close scrutiny of net traffic and usage. The result is that even though is no doubt that the internet can neither be controlled nor stopped, this does not stop the Chinese government from trying, often with questionably intelligent results.

I took a random selection of sites from my bookmarks and ran them through internet explorer (from a connection in China). Of course this is connection specific since I know that for at least one of these sites, a different ISDN connection in China will allow me through. But can you guess which sites are censored/inaccessible and which are not? Scroll down to see the answers. : yes : no : yes : no : yes : yes : no :no : yes! : OH YES! : yes : no : yes : yes no

Oops. Edit: not all of the above sites are from my bookmarks. and, for example. Or PBS. Who goes there.

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