Saturday, February 24, 2007

Buy Our Car!

You know, I wonder why Maserati even goes to the trouble of sending me advertisements by email. I certainly never asked to be on their list (just like I never asked to receive issues of Bassmaster and be an official member) but I am nevertheless. Sure, the new GranTurismo looks nice but, my relative poverty notwithstanding, I'd much rather spend the money on a track car, a comfortable commuter, and some driving lessons. Any Maserati dealership would turn me down for even a test drive ("No sir, you don't look rich enough. Shouldn't you be getting back to the 7-11?") so why do they taunt me so?

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Rainy Day Fund

I'm not sure if I like the idea of a "rainy day fund". I'd like to think that I'm on top of my finances enough so that I've already taken into account possible deviations from the norm. I like to build the possibility of rainy days straight in to my financial planning.

Instead, I think I'll start an "AWESOME day fund". That's right. Maybe I'll have a really AWESOME day and I'll want to celebrate. Then I'll go and get some money out of the AWESOME day fund. And since the AWESOME day fund is always optional (unlike the rainy day which may some day become necessary), it can be put into investments aggressively. That way, when I have a good day on the stock market, it'll be an AWESOME day, which will not only be AWESOME, but will increase the amount in my AWESOME fund. AWESOME!

We apologize for the preceding stupidity. --The Management


I put a 1.05 limit on HPGI and it started off the next day with 1.06. It never came back down to 1.05 and it's now at 1.73. Oops. Oh well, time for the next hyped stock!

This one seems much less promising but if it's in my inbox, I'll buy it! WEXE.

Bought at: .61
Current: .61
Trailing stop: .06
Commission: -$240