Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I think companies need to get over naming products a letter followed by a description. Apple is the worst offender, of course, with iMac, iBook, iPod, iPhone, iSight, iTsgettingold. Yeah, it's convenient and the marketing guys are probably all high as a guy smoking the chronic with being able to create instant brand recognition with a single letter but that's so 2005. Google has Google Maps, Google Earth, Google chat, but also GMail. And now they're talking about the GPhone. Next Google will get into the wi-fi hotspot business and you'll be able to browse online at public GSpots. For porn, naturally.

What happened to cumbersome names like the I-just-made-it-up Hitachi XFR 2000 HIFI? Or the Mitsubishi Lancer...Evolution...MR...VIII...FQ...400 (joke shamelessly stolen from the Hamster of Top Gear). I bet more letters will be the retro-cool for the future. I'd totally get a Google Phone Slim Evolution WF XR IX LB-9.5 XTreme v2.