Friday, August 03, 2007

Jim Cramer: Chode on TV!

Jim Cramer of "Mad Money" fame is a bit heavy on the "mad" for me. I don't see why Cramer is so popular sometimes. Is it like how O'Reilly is getting such high ratings by being a dick most of the time? It's not that Cramer gives generally bad advice or recommendations (though sometimes his track record is a bit questionable) but that he does it in such a simian manner, making loud noises here and throwing fecal matter there. What, you don't believe in the shit-throwing? Check out this little fit:

Is he trying to up his ratings? Is he a passionate guy with no sense of place and propriety? Is he making a public cry out to his doctors for more meds? I'd like to know what is going on there because I am fascinated by how somebody can willingly go on TV and make a chode of himself.

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