Monday, September 03, 2007

うまく行った(Umaku Itta)

Sometimes things go really smoothly, like how I just managed to advertise and sell all of my furniture to a new tenant taking over my current apartment in less than 6 hours beginning to end. But that's no fun. Stupidity is more fun.

Prospective: Hi, I'm Lauren...
Luke: Hi, I'm Luke.
Prospective: ...
Luke: ...
Prospective: I'm calling about the studio loft you advertised?
Luke: Ah yes sure, you have any questions?
Prospective: What's the deal?
Luke: Excuse me? I'm not sure what you mean.
Prospective: What's the deal with the layout? It's a 1 bedroom?
Luke: It's a studio actually...
Prospective: So there are no bedrooms?
Luke: *Goes through long explanation of layout*
Prospective: Well my daughter and I are looking for a place so that sounds ok.
Luke: Yeah, I like this place a lot.
Prospective: ...are you Canadian?
Luke: Excuse me??
Prospective: Are you from Canada?
Luke: No...uh...I'm Chinese
Prospective: Oh, well you have an accent...
Luke: Huh. That's interesting. Are you American?
Prospective: Yes...
Luke: Because you has stupidity!
Prospective: ...
Luke: *punches prospective in the face*

So obviously not all of that happened but you get the drift. Oddly enough, I always though I had an accent. Not a Chinese accent exactly but a little extra bit of enunciation and a curl of the tongue that has their roots in the fact that English, despite being native to me now, was still a learned language for me. So while all my American friends assume that I was born in the States and tell me I don't have an accent at all, I can still tell when I listen to myself what kind of an "accent" I have. But Canadian eh? I don't know what to think aboot that.

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