Saturday, August 08, 2009

MacBook Pro

Got a MacBook Pro 15" as the new work laptop. Ooooooh, shiny. Used to be all PC all the time. Then convinced work to get me a Mac Pro desktop. Then I got a hackintosh netbook. Now the work laptop got refreshed to the MacBook Pro. Nice machine overall.

  • Design, packaging, owner experience. Sleek. One indisputable advantage of Apple products over most of their PC counterparts.
  • Browsing web with gestures. One-handed and easy to control navigation for scrolling, forward, and back. Other hand free to do...uhm...whatever, you know, and stuff.
  • Click-drag. Physical analogy makes a lot of sense. Only place where clicking the entire pad really wins me over.
  • Enough battery life to make the non-removable battery a moot point for me. Impressive.
  • Remote control. Not a new MacBook Pro feature but useful when I use the laptop for temporary media center duties.
  • SD Card slot. Makes me want to upgrade my DSLR to something that handles SD cards instead of CF.
  • Magnetic power slot doohickey.
  • Sharp edges digging into my forearms as I type this.
  • Effort required to click the track pad (enabling tap to click is a good workaround though).
  • Track pad click is LOUD. I hate noise.
  • Tap-to click response. Always seems to be half a second slower than I like.
  • Those damn edges are really frakking annoying.
  • Not enough buttons. No home and end buttons. I'd die in Eclipse without home and end buttons. Need another control button. And those arrows buttons are not comfortable. Tiny little stingy chicklets.
  • Mini display port and the expensive adapter nonsense. Machine is very portable otherwise but that's just one more thing to remember/carry.
  • This sharp edge is really pissing me off.
  • Back-lit keyboard. Neat looking I guess but meh.
  • Caps-lock indicator on the key. Again, kinda cool I guess but why do we still have caps lock? Caps Lock = missing the tab or shift button. No other use. Meh.
  • Fire wire. It's nice but it's not like a fire wire cable has ever come with, like, anything. So I have to go out and buy another cable? Meh.
  • Display resolution: I'm a screen real estate whore and work all day with a 2560x1600 and a 1200x1920 monitor. Even the old laptop was 1600x1200. 1440x900 makes thing easy to see, I guess, but everything looks too big and...fuzzy. Meh.
I'd post more impressions but my forearms are bleeding too much. Need to go get some band-aids.

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