Saturday, February 11, 2006

Lack of inspiration!

Oh woe is me! What do I write about? I have no inspiration! I have no muse!

What I do have are bits of professional grade photography equipment that I've been putting to very frequent use. I suppose my "creative" energies are directed towards that for the time being. So instead of writing crud here I've been shooting crap elsewhere. Might as well write about that some more:

I find that part of the draw of photography for me is its distance from the subject. I used to not like taking pictures of people very much but have recently turned that around. But even as I take portraits, I realize that I don't like to interact much with the subject. If the subject poses for the camera of his/her own accord, then I'm glad to take a snapshot. Otherwise, the greatest photographic accessory I could ask for is invisbility. Candid expressions and unepxected moments appeal to me much more because of what I perceive to be a more authentic representation of the subject. At the moment, I can't imagine directing people to sit a certain way, try to smile a certain way, etc. for portrait photography because that would involve "contamination" from the photographer. I'd much stand back and capture naturally occuring phenomena, letting my choice of perspective, color, and focus express my own view of things.

Of course, with this attitude, I'll never get to shoot hot girls in bikinis. Damn!

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