Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oh pleeaaaase

Warning: This post is not suitable for children under 18, puritanical crazies, or you.

If you are one of the above, you may instead go look at the pretty butterflies.

US congressmen have condemned major IT firms including Microsoft and Google for helping China censor the internet. Yes, China is not a shining bastion of democracy. That's America's job, right?

Oh wait. OOPS.

What's the difference? China's more blatant about infringing upon its citizen's civil rights (since it often doesn't consider them as such anyway, those backwards hicks) while America's more subtle about it. America's wonderful and all but some of its leaders have to stop being so craaaaaazy puritanical and hypocritical as well. Or, to use the vernacular, so RETARDED.

Besides, "[the government] wants data from search engines to prove how easy it is to stumble over porn on the net." What kind of a transparent excuse is that? First of all, the internet is for porn. Second, how easy is it to stumble over porn? Very difficult. Let's say you search for "hard ass tits sex vagina". The result you get back is titled "Asian fuck finger fuck, hardcore fuck fuck machines."

"I wonder what that's about?" you say?

According to the description, "Asian fuck finger fuck, hardcore fuck fuck machines" is about "College fuck shit pics hardcore fuck free adult videos, gay ass fuck anime music video."

At this point, it is very hard to stumble over this site as a prime location to find "fuck shit pics" or "gay ass fuck"s. But suppose you're just really blind and you think "Alright! Anime Music Video!" Then you have ADD. But assuming you do, fine, then you could possibly stumble over the porn part but otherwise, c'mon man, it's pretty much staring you in the face. To not see it and stumble over it is just silly.

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