Monday, May 22, 2006

Something 1

There was no reason why Ethan couldn't make it to the party. In fact, he had every reason to be there: there were people to schmooze, booze to drink, and women to ogle, though that last item may not have gone over so well with Jasmine who through 9 years of relatively blissful marriage had learned to accept, if not be comfortable with, this little sin. After all, Ethan was a gallantly capable husband in most other situations and he had a way with words such that he had successfully sold proverbial snow to the trite and obviously foolish Eskimo. Not that Jasmine would ever buy anything that Ethan so glibly and casually marketed day in and day out. His specialties included elaborate excuses, preposterous propositions, and he was currently advertising a sale on whatever it was that justified him ogling women in front of his wife.

Ethan's male friends and coworkers also disapproved of his wandering eye but for different reasons as their own eyes were more often than not drawn to Jasmine. Ethan's female friends and coworkers also disapproved of his wandering eye, though for the same reason as Jasmine. "The Guys" and "The Girls," then, got along quite well in no small part due to Ethan. Despite divergent reasons, the stories about Ethan and his seemingly carelessly cavalier attitude towards life was a frequent topic of conversation. It was a good group of friends that the couple had though and Ethan especially enjoyed the camaraderie and humor that permeated most of their social gatherings.

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