Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Something 2

Back when the net was still somewhat fractured according to geopolitical boundaries, several organizations sprung up. Most active among them was the EIO and the AIO, the Internet Organizers of the European and Asian continents. It could even be said that they were the only organizations that took themselves seriously as the most powerful net entity of them all, the United States, uncharacteristically chose to sit out the battle for the future of standards. It turned out to be a good decision, of course, since the AIO and EIO had to settle their differences before any progress could be made. As a stepping stone towards a worldwide organization, the AIO and the EIO decided to merge and form a broader union of internet organizers. The unfortunate name of this name organization would have been the Asian-European Internet Organizers Union. Whenever talk of the AEIOU came up, Ethan could count on somebody from his team to deliver a groaner. It has even become somewhat of a party tradition. Even at the last party, Winston was discussing the finer points of the history of the internet with Julia when Mark interrupted in all seriousness and offered "You know there's one blatant thing that the AEIOU forgot right?"

"No," answered Winston earnestly, "though I think they were shortsighted on many issues."

"But the most important and obvious item," insisted Mark and let his words trail off to build tension. He enjoyed this.

"I give up," said Winston and before his lips even closed to form the "p", Mark, quivering with anticipation, screamed "The only thing they forgot is why! Y! You get it?!" The groan from Winston and Julia was clearly audible across the room and Mark walked away beaming like a father who has just seen his son attempt his first steps...and fall. They were new. They'd appreciate the experience eventually.

Ethan smiled despite himself and decided that maybe going to the party wasn't such a bad idea after all. There are quite a few new recruits to the team and none of them had yet been hazed by such a bad pun yet. Maybe this time the leader himself would break in the senses of humor of his subordinates. "Or just break them," Ethan thought a hint of playful malice.

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