Sunday, July 13, 2008


10 miles.

95 minutes.

Feel like a man.

A man who runs slowly.

And whose calves are completely exhausted now.

And well ok it was actually about 9.85 miles so a man who rounds up to the next integer.

But a man who is now up to 20 miles for this week.

A man who's careful about ITBS.

A running man with a goal.

Less than 4 hours.

26 miles.


Brandon Fuller said...

Secret trick on more miles: Run in the morning then at night too!

Wandernut said...
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Wandernut said...

Hey there! I'm a friend of Shryh's!
Never attempted a full M before but I've done 2 half Ms, in a span of uhm, 8 months. Does that count as a full M? Hahaha!

Haven't been running for 3 months now, and I used to clock at least 30km a week (dunno what's that in miles).

Gonna attempt my first 5km this Saturday after being a total lardball! Keep running! And if you and Shryh ever wanna visit Shanghai, the marathon happens every year in November ;)

Me said...

Hi Wandernut!

2 halves count, but the full, as I'm sure you know, feels a LOT different >)

30km/week is a good distance/ratio for doing a half marathon. I always fall into the trap of ramping up to about 50-60km/week too fast and blowing up my knees. Doesn't seem to be a way around racking up those miles for the full though.

I want to do the Shanghai for fun one day. Lots of family there so I'm in the city somewhat frequently. Don't know how to train for the race though. Maybe run while smoking? :P