Sunday, July 20, 2008

Running Summary - 7/20

Monday - REST.
Tuesday - SOAP. (Get it? But seriously, more REST.)
Wednesday - 5 x Yasso 800s @ 2% incline. 5 Miles total.
Thursday - 5 1/4 miles.
Friday - REST
Saturday - 3.5 miles and then threw in a 3:30 800 at the end for 4 miles total.
Sunday - 10 mile slow run.

Total: 24 miles.

Don't know what my pace is on the 10 miles though it felt like I had more energy than last weekend's 10. Could be I'm just taking it a little easier. Send Brandon my GPS watch so that he could track every mile of his crazy 50 mile run in Leadville so no geeky data. This is probably a good thing since whenever I have the watch, I monitor it like crazy and try to beat my current average pace. Yes, that's a problem because it means I'm forever trying to speed up on my long runs which is bad. I don't think average pace was slower than 10/mile though so I'm happy.

And tired.

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Brandon Fuller said...

Like the summaries. Keep it up. Your watch will be home soon. Thanks again!