Thursday, March 09, 2006

Ignorance Is Temporary Bliss

I hate it when I remember I have to do something just before I think it's bed time because there's only really two paths to take:

1) Go to bed and worry about it tomorrow. This prompts one to set one's alarm early and try to wake up early. Since one is not a morning person, one is really grumpy and disoriented when one does wake up, leading to a catstrophic sequence of events following one another in Rube Goldberg fashion until, wouldn't ya know it, one is sleeping away the time one needed to do what one forgot to do in the first place. Not to mention that now the balloon has been popped, the cat is on fire, and the bowling ball has fallen off the shelf. One is pretty damn lazy is what one is trying to get across here.

2) Do it. Do it now. While taking the initiative and avoiding procrastination is to be commended, this would be called the path of greater resistance for a reason. One loses sleep (which could upset one's schedule tomorrow) and one develops a negative psychological association with one's work. Work = lost sleep = lethargy = less time and energy to do work = more work to be made up = more lost sleep = more lethargy = more work left undone = necessity of Hair Club for Men and Rogaine with Minoxidil.

And you see, I really identify with Mr. One. What's more, before the "uh oh" moment, which is commonly associated with a cardiac ascent right into the trachea, I was perfectly happy! Yes yes, it's much better to have finished the work but sometimes I wish I hadn't remembered. I could at least be enjoying a worry-free slumber and postpone the heart troubles until tomorrow morning, at which point the shock would be hopefully mitigated by resignation at the futility of trying to rush it through before the deadline.

What a terrible work ethic I have.

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