Monday, November 28, 2005

Cathartic Repetition

I'm becoming more and more convinced that a rote repetition is the key to cathartic events. For me anyway, a reptitious sequence of events is a great antidote to the free form academic thinking that makes up the rest of my life. Of course, montonous actions are no fun either. Licking and sealing 1,000 envelopes is hardly cathartic. But skills which can be improved upon by repetition (like fire spinning, the recent obsession) can be wonderful for the spirit. There is a sense of accomplishment and of certainty which lends much stability to one's mental outlook. There is also the ease of being able to focus on one act, facilitating an ignorance of worldly worries and stress. Note to self: next time I need to procrastinate, don't do anything creative. Instead, practice fire spinning or some other skill. Much better for the soul.

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