Wednesday, November 02, 2005

What's on the radio?

Being a specialist in classical music makes one sensitive to the kind of incongruous information hollywood tries to pass off as intelligent conversation. The same applies to a specialist in any field I suppose but classical music is a field that fewer and fewer people know well. Most people would laugh at a mechanic considering listening to an engine and wondering if it's the rear differential that's leaking or the steering wheel that needs new leather. The difference between Debussy and Scriabin, on the other hand, is in essence non-existent for most people. To me though, one is a french "impressionsitic" composer hopped up on mythical creatures and the other a Russian mystic hoping to bring you to close to that brilliant distant star until you burn up in its flames and experience some kind of spiritual ecstasy. Oh, and their music sounds absolutely nothing alike too.

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Shryh said...

"hollywood" feels your disdain. >)