Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Crazy Things

I don't think people think much about war machinery and exactly how powerful they are. Our conception of guns is fairly clear: it's a high-tech way of throwing something REALLY fast. Our conception of cars are pretty clear: it's a thing which can move which carries people. But combine those two and jack up the power and its power potential goes through the roof and becomes a bit more than the sum of its parts.

So, realization of the day: Tanks are absolutely crazy. In the context of war, they're not unstoppable, though they are fairly powerful. But imagine a tank on the loose in a city. There is literally nothing in the arsenal of any SWAT team or police department that can stop a tank. It can run over cars. It can run through cars. It can take down buildings. And that's without firing a single shot. God forbid it starts firing its shells the size which are, literally, the size of a small RV. And since it's so damn mobile and powerful, there aren't any effective barriers that will stop a tank. You either get at the driver, which is not so easy to do, or you get at the tank and only the army/airforce has enough power to do that. Or you wait for the tank to run out of fuel, by which time it will have caused multiple millions of dollars of damage should it choose to do so.

War machines are damn scary yo. They're none too slow either...

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