Friday, June 23, 2006

Tasty Beverage

I go downtown to study sometimes. It's a nice change of scenery and helps me stay on track. Perhaps it's spending the energy to drive downtown that makes me want to not waste that investment and actually study for a bit, or maybe it's because these little outing invariably turn into a night at a restaurant I like or haven't tried before. Who knows!

In any case, I usually study at Java Jones, a nice little coffee shop on the main drag. It's not too quiet, not too loud, has some comfortable seats, and (important) has free wi-fi! Excellent.

I don't drink coffee though. So every time I do go to Java Jones, I'm usually confused as to what to do: submit to my guilt and buy something over priced to drink or stick to my guns and only buy a drink if I feel like it. The result tends to be that I buy a drink half the time I'm there. Coffees and mocha drinks don't excite me all that much and Italian Sodas seem kind of retarded conceptually.

But today, glorious day of days, I've found a coffee shop libation I actually rather enjoy: Iced Raspberry Earl Grey tea lemonade! Refreshing, not too sweet, and pretty reasonable for $2. I guess I'll start succumbing to guilt and buying iced tea lemonades now...

1 comment:

Shryh said...

Iced tea? Refreshing.

Earl Grey? Invigorating.

Raspberry? Tart.

Lemonade? Summer.

Iced raspberry earl grey tea lemonade? It's like the Cosmopolitan's teetotaling twin. =P