Friday, July 28, 2006

I Don't Have a Single Fan

Santa Barbara has a fairly temperate summer. It rarely gets above 90 and it usually drops down to 60 at night. It also has a fairly temperate winter. And spring. And fall. Ok so basically it's one or at most two seasons all year round. But my apartment (2 floor studio loft) is a bit stuffy. There's no cross ventilation and I sleep on the much hotter second floor. The neighbors are also retardedly loud so I keep the windows closed if I can.

It's been on the warm side lately so I thought that I should get a fan. Home Depot: no fans. Linens n Things: no fans. Bed Bath and Beyond: no fans. Costco: no fans. Staples: no fans. Everywhere around Santa Barbara: no fans.

Now when I ask the customer service reps why there are no fans anywhere, they all say: "it's not in season. It's a seasonal thing."

Not in season?! It's the summer. It gets hotter. When else would fans be in season? Am I missing something here?

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