Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Inappropriate Advertising

Oh what an age of internet spam we live in. I don't really question people wanting me to take out a second mortgage on the house I don't have with the wife I've yet to marry. I do not take umbrage at total strangers showing overwhelming concern about my possible erectile dysfunction. And yet despite this tolerance, I am just baffled as to why Maserati insists on sending emails about their lease programs for the Quattroporte or the GranSport/Spyder variants thereof. I don't think my income level qualifies me to even look at a Maserati at a dealership never mind test drive and/or consider purchasing/leasing one. How did I get on to their mailing list? Are they mocking me? I bet they are. Well poo, I don't want a Quattroporte or even an MC12. Give me an Ariel Atom and a Spyker instead >)

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