Sunday, July 02, 2006

Poor Excuse

The Scene is in Staples. A clueless lady is looking despondently at an array of technological bits and pieces. I walk by an aisle and somehow she manages to make eye contact with me...

Lady: Oh! Hi! Can you help me?
Me: *Looks around. Sees no one else* Sorry, I don't work here...
Lady: OH! *fumbles around* But you're wearing black!
Me: (WHAT?) Nobody here wears black! (They all wear RED!)
Lady: *flustered, recovers, shoots...* Oh really?
Me: YES! Look around!
Lady: *...and not even close! indignant.* Well I guess that's my problem...
Me: *having briskly walked out of earshot by now* Yes...that is precisely it!

"But you're wearing black?!" Come on lady. It's California. Not even the store clerks wear black. If you're going to try to cover up your mistake, at least come up with a better challenge than that.

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Shryh said...

Maybe she's from the midwest. >)