Monday, July 03, 2006

Life According to Google

Got a hankerin' for a vodka martini just now but want to go for a run in a bit so that trumps my alcoholism. By serendipity, a Smirnoff commercial comes on the TV an claims to be the best tasting vodka according to some blind tasting or another. "Hmmmm," I grunted curiously, "I wonder what the best Vodka is..." And so, I go on to Google and search for "vodka." What does Google think?

1) Absolut (OK, I think. Kinda bland.)
2) SKYY (More balanced. Like it for mixing.)
3) Stolichnaya (A bit sharp for my taste...)
4) Smirnoff (Distinctive taste, but not so smooth.)
5) iVodka - A vodka guide
6) Vodka, Wikipedia entry (Go Wikipedia!)
7) Grey Gooes (Mmmmm. Always good. Smooth. Nice taste.)
8) Level Vodka (Never heard of it)
9) Finlandia (Never tried it)
10) Ketel One (My current favorite. Smooth and cool. Sharp and clear without sting.)

Chopin deserves a mention as it's still my favorite vodka to sip. There's a Van Gogh chocolate vodka that is very interesting and quite tasty too. And a Tchaikovsky vodka too, while we're on famous people, but the Tchaik is rye grain (methinks) versus the Chopin potato. Yum.

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