Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday Cop Out

The weekend approaches, and I am bereft of what little creativity I manage to muster up usually. I don't get writers' block (or is that writer's block? I can't even punctuate anymore!) because I refuse to call my self a writer. I write. I play the piano. But I am not a writer and I am not a pianist. It's a rather picky distinction but I like to reserve a lexical level for true professionalism. Being able to pick out chopsticks (and I do mean on the piano, not from the kitchen aisle at Super Big Fat American Obese K-Mart Plus 24hr HYPER-ULTRA-EXTREME MACH 10 with a New Pacakge but Same Great Taste!) does not make one a pianist. Only people who have either devoted their life to the piano or have reached a high level of maturity as a musician on the piano should be called pianists.

Hehehehehe. I said pianist.

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