Thursday, September 01, 2005

Spam Any Place That You Are...

Long live Craigslist, for it is useful and mildly amusing when one is bored. I was happy when a Craigslist Santa Barbara started. It's not a panacea for all my wants as Craigslist SF Bay is but the establishment is appreciated nonetheless. Pretty soon, Craigslist had expanded to all corners of the globe including my real Asian hood: Shanghai.

Interested in what would be listed on Craigslist Shanghai, I hopped on a browser and went over to take a look. The apartments listed are expensive and ok, though I've seen much better for cheaper. Personals aren't all that fun (only a few of them). Sales aren't great either (same reason). Services is boring. Oh but wait, I take that back. What do I see screaming at me in all caps?


This is advertised as a "therapuetic service." "I suppose one's own can be thought of as such at times," I snicker. But what an odd title. *click*

"Back to the good old days Western therapy to solve the problem. Never be embarassed again."

Ah the good old days. No periods back then. No penises either. Western therapy will solve the problem of your having a penis. Lop it right off. No more embarassment!

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