Friday, September 02, 2005

Life according to craigslist: men seeking men

Craigslist (here we go again) is great. I like craigslist. But for a short cop out post today, I'd just like point out something:

I present you with a list of links from Craiglist SB. There are all from the personals section. Some, as to be expected, may contain content not safe for work. If you work with children, they're doubly not safe. But not all of the links contain warnings. Which ones do contain warnings? No warnings unless otherwise indicated:

strictly platonic
women seek women
women seeking men
men seeking women
men seeking men OVER 18 ONLY!
misc romance
casual encounters OVER 18 ONLY!
missed connections
rants and raves OVER 18 ONLY!

Rants and Raves I can understand. Oh the swearing. Casual Encounters I can also understand. Probably lots of explicit pics and "dirty" language on there. But men seeking men? Is Craig the list making an editorial statement here? [1]

[1]OK, I know he's not. It just happens that there are lots of explicit pics in men seeking men. Not as many as the spam-riddled women seeking men but lots nonetheless. Still...

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