Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Eclectic Dinner

After getting back from hiking up and sliding down the Sand Dunes on Sunday, I needed some FOOD. I don't have anything planned so it's time for eclectic dinner with rice!

Kung Pao Chicken: simple Chinese chicken breast chunks start with a bit of rice wine, salt, and maybe a little ginger. Stir fry it up and add ingredients. Here I decided to try a store-bought Kung Pao sauce that ended up being not spicy and mildly salty. Boo. Added some chili sauce to give it some flavor.

Stir Fry Green Beans: This is almost like oil blanching. Get the oil hot, dump in the string beans (cleaned and cut into sections about 4 inches long) and stir fry for a little bit. Dump in a little water and cover so that there's a very quick steam. Stir frequently and after a few minutes when you see that nice deep green color, sprinkle with salt. A couple more flips in the pan and they're ready to serve, all crispy and delicious.

Button Mushrooms with Balasamic glaze: not quite a real balsamic glaze since I don't have time for that. Just sweat some mushrooms in sauteed shallot oil and then add in some sherry and balsamic vinegar and reduce until thick. Mmmmm.

All this and two cups of rice lasted me two dinners. Hmmm...

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