Friday, July 20, 2007

Pate, Finally!

Well I guess blogger's got images now though I haven't taken advantage of it much yet. Here goes.

So I had a craving for Pate a while back and I finally went and did something about it.
Duck. They say goose is smoother but I'm not complaining. In fact, for a ready made store-bought Pate, this is quite good. It's a bit expensive at $15 a package but it's very smooth and very good. I don't want to devein real fois myself and there aren't any terrific French restaurants with a Prix Fixe menu with fois appetizer on it around here so this is the best I can do. The best way to eat it?
Some pate, a few slices of rustic bread lightly toasted, and a few cornichons. Oh. My. God. Orgasm in my mouth. I could eat this for lunch every day (and did for a while). Also, when serving others, it's counts as a full course. Easy!
So, why not make a meal out of it. Course 1: Pate, Bread and Cornichons. Then cold wild mushroom soup with an asparagus puree and white truffle oil. That's followed by pan seared tilapia with a lemon sauce and asparagus. And finally:

Bluberries with lime sugar, which is just blueberries tossed with lime juice and lime confit, sprinkled with sugar, and topped with a little sour cream.

I'm happy now.


Jennifer said...

albert and i made our own pate according to emeril (eh, we were desperate for pate). it turned out okay but we used chicken liver cuz that was all that the supermarket had. i heart pate. now i want to eat some bread.

carolyn said...

I've gotten excellent foie gras here

and they have truffles (although from france, not italy)