Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pommes Sautees au Lard

I did "Pommes Sautees au Lard" from Bourdain's Les Halles a while back but didn't follow directions to the letter. OK, I basically just fried potato chips in bacon grease. Sounds pretty good right? But that's not Pommes Sautees au Lard so I went and took Bourdain at his word.

It's an easy dish. Cut bacon up into little tiny cubes and then fry them up. Use all that delicious rendered fat to cook slices of yukon gold. Salt to taste, add a little garlic, and sprinkle with parsley. Serve. Simple and delicious.

The only thing to note about this is to mind the bacon to potato ratio. I cut up one too many slices of bacon and the resulting grease ended up much more than was necessary to fry up two sliced Yukon Golds. To be safe, you could spoon out some of the bacon grease first, dump in the potatoes, and then add in the grease as needed.

To balance out the starch with more carbohydrates and protein, I took some left over chicken salad and made a sandwich out of it between pieces of toasted rustic bread.

Well that was easy. Too heavy you say? Yes, perhaps. Too much protein and starch? Maybe. What did I have to drink with this dish? A tall glass of whole milk. Take THAT, food pyramid!

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