Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Strawberry and Blueberry Terrine

Since I've been doing strawberry and blueberries a lot recently I thought I'd try a different preparation. Keller has this nice looking Strawberry and Champagne terrine in the French Laundry Cookbook so I thought I'd adapt it to the stuff I had on hand: fresh strawberries and blueberries.

Fruit terrines are fairly simple in theory. Just mash everything to a puree, flavor it correctly with some extra sugar (since it'll be cold in the end), strain so that it's smooth, and then stir gelatin in to it to set it. Gelatin can be used to set any liquid really so the possibilities for dessert terrines are endless.

I ran out of sugar so I used some honey. But the process was as straightforward as the theory: blend the fruits, strain, add sugar, add gelatin, and then set in layers.

That looks pretty good except I didn't have enough blueberries to make multiple layers. So it was mostly strawberry terrine with a hint of blueberries. Lesson 1: proportion. And soon I learned lesson 2:
Oops. Not enough gelatin. I heated up the container with a little hot water on the outside and flopped the terrine on to the plate, whereupon it instantly flopped down like the blob. Need more time to set! Also, in the end, even after setting overnight, there just wasn't enough gelatin. Lesson learned. Still tastes pretty good though. So since I had four more cups of this stuff left, here's my dessert for the past few days:
Yup. Stick some raspberry mocha on top of that and eat the entire gloriously fruity mess. More gelatin next time!

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