Saturday, August 20, 2005

Possibly Apocryphal Tale: The Pianist

Heard from a friend who heard it from a friend. Details might be slightly off.

So a good pianist (let's call him Sergei) is playing the Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1 at a big concert. The end of the concerto consists of a few big chords and a final closing chord. Something like chord-chord-CHORD-done. But at this concert, the piano gives out right at the end. Instead of finishing with a loud chord that resonates for a while, one of the string snaps.


So much to Sergei's dismay, of course, the ending of his glorious performance has been marred. It's completely understandable for Sergei to choose a nice four-lettered word with which to express his frustration. But remember that Sergei is a professional musician. He can't just start swearing and yelling randomly. Instead, Sergei chooses, with accurate and precise rhythm:



CHORD. (twang)


Leave it to a musician to swear on the beat.

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