Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Sunburnt Legs Part Deux

A short idea but one I'm fairly convinced of:

I've seen those scary facial mask peel things. You rub on a layer of cucumber, mud, and phosphoric acid and in minutes, off comes a layer green skin that is not unlike the blob molting, except more frightening. I think that the inspiration for such a process comes from being sunburnt. Whoever invented must have loved the effects of being sunburned. Not the painful burning part, but the peeling that comes afterwards. The top layer of skin on my legs is peeling off in large broad sheets and what is left underneath (though also dry and a bit burnt) at least feels newer and more refreshing. I've never done a facial peel thingy but I bet that's what it feels like. Peeling off sunburned skin. How lovely!

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