Thursday, December 08, 2005

Free Food

As a starving graduate student, I never pass up an opportunity for free food. Meeting with pizza served? I'm there. Free samples at the supermarket? Give me a few more samples, I want to know if I really want to buy it. Professor's invitation to dinner with the class? Yes please! And, of course, I like to maximize the free-ness of our fooding. For example, if I have control over dates, I wouldn't schedule a pizza meeting right after a reception. By gorging yourself at the reception, albeit incurring the disapproving stares of strangers, you can skip dinner, and then leave the pizza for another day!

So much to my dismay, there was a music department party (with wonderful food and drinks), a professor party, and another professor party all on the same day! And shamefully, I did not gorge myself at all three events. What good am I as a starving graduate student if I can't binge-eat enough food at a time to survive for three days? I have disgraced my ancestors.

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