Monday, December 05, 2005

Sounds that Make You Go "Eeeaaaggghhh...."

Some rather horrific noises one might have to deal with:
  • Place your cellular phone close to any speaker that is turned on. Wait for somebody to send you a text message or call you. You'll get a loud intermittent (at the beginning, and then constant) buzz on the speakers from electromagnetic interference. Eeaaagghh level: 4/5.
  • The sound of a fax machine doing its high-pitched thing. Push that start button as soon as you can or get a better fax machine. Eeaaagghh level: 3/5.
  • The sound of a modem making a connection with your internet service provider. The prevalence of the sound and the fact that it had some sort of a structure to it (BEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeee khhhhhhhhhhhhhh DINGdonnng DINGdonnng DINGeep khhhhhhhhh KHHHHHHHHHHHH) made it almost musical. Except that it was a horrible abomination of a noise that many of us had to listen to at one point or another. Eeaaagghh level: 3/5.
  • Take one(1) piece of styrofoam. Take one(1) knife. Mutilate styrofoam with knife vigorously. Allow ensuing sound to rape your ears. Eeaaagghh level: 5/5.

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