Friday, December 09, 2005

Winding Down

The era of 3 posts a day is coming to an end. The exercise started as a promised to a friend but turned into fight for content. As far I see, the content I've been able to come up with has been slowly turning from inspired (if ever it was) to perspired. Sweaty. Stinky. Still, I'm happy to have kept the experiment going for two weeks. Trying to post 3 times a day forces one to review one's life for interesting or important moments. But not only events which might be interesting to me but those which have potential to be amusing or informative for a broader audience. I'm an academic. Ergo, basically, I write for a living. In a way, this has been wonderful professional development.

3 is too much for one day though. My life is simply not interesting enough for 3 posts a day and even if it were, I do not have time to devote to 3 good posts a day. Instead, I will aim for the standard: one. If I can get out one good post a day, I will be fairly happy. And no posts like this cop-out meta-post either >)

So farewell to an intense and prolific (yet indubitably uninspired) period in the life of this blog. We now return you to your regularly scheduled laziness. Thank you.

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Shryh said...

My mourning veil. Where is that damned mourning veil??